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Chun chi Wang

Born in Taipei, Taiwan

Chun-chi Wang is a Taiwanese artist based in Berlin. She uses interactive video installations, performance, photography and all the current tools of the digital image to study the new relationship between humans and technology. The work of her reveals the excess of mechanization and virtualization in the post-modern world, in which speed of progress supersedes humanity and sensibility in power and control. Her works have been shown widely on the net and in international exhibitions throughout Europe, USA and Asia.

2011 Curator Residencies at Cité International des Arts, Paris, France
2010 Founder & Director of IDOLONSTUDIO, Berlin, Germany
2009 Guess Lecturer at BIFT Fast-track Culture Curriculum, Bei-Jing China
2003-08 Lecturer at Chinese Culture University, Taipei
2002-03 Lecturer at Chung Yuan Christian University, Taipei
2007/Aug Artist Residencies at Cité International des Arts, Paris, France
2007/May Artist Residencies at CAMAC/Centred'Art Marnay Art Centre, France
2002 Publication book : FUTURISTS GUIDE TO THE WEB
2001 Publication book : SOFTIMAGE 3D GUIDE
2001 Graduated from Department of New York University Tisch School of the Arts (M.F.A)
1996 Graduated from Department of Digital Art in Pratt Institute (B.F.A)


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