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Ilike Nighttime II(2012)

Experimental Digital video

It is the first feature film dealing with the experiences of Asian Women in the Berlin. Drawing from my experiences as women "in-between cultures" whose biographies bridge Asia and the West, this project investigates how cultural origin shapes and influences collective memories, ideals and desires and the consequent feeling of loss that derive from those. Utilizing visuals, sound, text and spatial movement, this project is a multilayered based on interviews with participants from all over the world who submitted their story to my Berlin-project website and also on interviews with women in Berlin, who moved away from their home-countries at different stages of their lives. The participants were involved in creating the story by sharing ideas, directions.
I would like to explores cross-cutting issues related to transnational identity through visual and installation art to create this film which I'll do during my staying in Berlin. Through the vibrant and inspirational life of this artist, we come to realize that art is more than just a tool to understand the complex world, instead, art itself is a bridge—a bridge that paves the road for a better tomorrow.


Ilike Nighttime I(2010)

Experimental Digital video

This is a short film about forgetting and memory. Uses a fictional text, attempting from the perspective of narrator to depict the low-swooping curtain of Taipei. The whole city becomes a screen for the film. Through the camera lens, the city night presents different appearances, quiet and raucous, creating immense room for the viewer’s imagination. Composer by Pei-Wen Liu.




Press : I like Nighttime report by "Orléans.mag n86" (France) on March 2011



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