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My own artistic practice and research involves designing narrative models as creative and interactive environments for the user. As an extension of my studies in “traditional” film and media, I try to break from the linear plot line by actively integrating the viewer into the process of structuring the content. The open structure of the Internet offers the most appropriate configuration to play with audience participation as an alternative form that could enrich our concept of media. I am trying to discuss and critically examine issues of interactivity and virtual forms of representations, of the observer themselves and parallel of a dramatic model. Interactive platforms based on a real time networked infrastructure can be designed as accessible environments for the viewer. Content systems can be set up that are actively shaped and further developed through the influence and contributions of participants from various remote locations. Over the past years the majority of my projects have therefore required the active participation of the user within the drama - by slipping into a virtual performance role. The fiction is then melting together with the users’ personal backgrounds and contributions in these works – creating a docudrama in a networked context.

My current artistic research is concentrating on public performance/installation stages, and fields of audio-visual and textual representation of the body or user, but linked to the network. Metaphor and story evolve through a constant flow of contributions, real-time images and personal data; staging a social environment or milieu as a third realm to identify with. This illusionary arena tests media reception by offering a role, subjective projection field and input within the network and consequently the image and installation architecture is meant to become elusive to explore the Real with the Imaginary as a current cultural issue.

My visual works include videos, performances and installations which mainly focus on the topic of self and regional identification.


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